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David A. Fann - Instructor
Job Title: Coordinator/probation officer of the Get on Track Program with the Cleveland Municipal Court Probation Dept. With FCTC for a little over 8 years. Personal interests: drawing and painting, cooking, working with offenders, poetry, raising my children, and trying to figure out the meaning of life.Personal goal as a coach: I would like to see all the children who started on court one with me take this experience with them and thrive.  To take the lessons taught on the court and someday give it back to another child.


Dr. Mark A. Worford - Instructor
Job Title: I am a dentist. I have been affiliated with FCTC for over 20 years. Outside of tennis, my personal interests include traveling, gardening, dentistry, meeting new people and experiencing new adventures. Personal goal as a coach: Getting our organization financially indepedant. 

Deborah Rhodes - Instructor
Job Title: Pharmaceutical Company Sales Manager. I have been affiliated with FCTC for approximately 25 years. Outside interest is ballroom dancing. Personal goal as a coach: Continue to grow the game of tennis by sharing what knowledge I have on playing the game. Especially like to develop the whole person through the discipline, honor, and integrity one learns by taking in all that FCTC offers.

Jeff Williams - Instructor

I would like to see the club own its own facility. We should have tournaments at the end of every eleven week session to keep the kids excited and to give them something to strive for. We should issue trophies.